Energy Consultant
OGlenn Enterprises, LLC

Mechanical and Chemical Engineer
Energy consultant

Without quitting anything you already do as a business in terms of energy, I can lower your monthly electric, gas and/or alternative energy costs. My specialization involve cost reduction service to small,medium and large size industries across the USA and Canada. The project is broken up into 3 phases.
Phase I:I review utility invoices and inform you of an errors that would result in a refund.
Phase II: Once the analysis is presented to you, you then decide if you want to move forward. I then work with your utility provider to calculate the savings.
Phase III: I share in a percentage of the future savings that I helped save you for. You pay that savings over time and receive 100% of the benefit for a lifetime. Hence, a savings created for your company.


Provide me with your utility bill and you are guaranteed to see monthly savings!

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